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Saturday, December 7, 2013


72 years ago, on a grey December
day, we heard the news of the attack.

There was no question that America
was at war. 

America was insulated then, by two
oceans. Yet, air raid drills became
the norm. Enemy subs lurked offshore
on the Atlantic, while the West Coast
braced for an invasion that never came.

On the home front rationing occurred.

My job was to cut and save metal cans
and tend the vegetable garden. Coal
was scarce. Many winter nights we
went without heat. 

America is a very different place now.

Changes in attitudes, demographics
and politics are evident.

We are still at war, but many people
scarcely notice, if all.

Yet, the home front has become the
front line in America's struggle to

We have a President and Congress
that has failed to secure our national

Tens of millions of illegal aliens have
invaded our land. Among them, those
that seek to destroy us.

The latter have also arrived via the
legal immigration process, and by
simply overstaying student and other

Drug dealers, foreign and domestic
disregard our borders, and have set
up operations everywhere in America. 
These, and, native born. antisocial
malcontents are the natural allies of
the foreign terrorists who seek our

Our Navy has declined to the size
it was at the start of WW1. Yet,
the naval capabilities of our foes
continue to increase.

We have failed to enforce the
Monroe Doctrine.  Adversaries
are siting missiles in Venezuela
that are capable of hitting any
city in the U S or Canada.

Recently a ship carrying missiles
was discovered in the Port of
Kingston, Jamaica.  Scant mention
in the media.

Our Constitution is under attack
by a President, Congress, and
Judiciary who are violating their
oaths of office to uphold the

The main stream media has
become the mouthpiece for the
self styled "progressives" who
have taken control of government
at all levels, and all branches.

Our Second Amendment Rights
have been trampled under foot.
The so called NY Safe Act rammed
through the State Legislature by
the Governor, this year has, in fact
made citizens of NYS less safe
and more vulnerable to domestic
criminals and foreign invaders.

The 2014 Elections at the state
level and Congressional Elections
may well decide whether, or not
America will stand or fall.

Is the electorate up to the challenge?
The future of America, and all
Americans, are on the line.

                         Joe Sullivan


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