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Sunday, July 26, 2015


Diversity is glorified by many
politicians in America today
who have the agenda of
fundamentally transforming

Americans should value and
honor their heritages and take
pride in their ancestors.

Far too many modern day
immigrants, legal and illegal
harbor no love for America
 and do not wish to assimilate.

Worse still, many want to
impose their laws, customs
and languages on us.

Some come here with the
aim of destroying America.

Diversity without allegiance
to America will ultimately
destroy our Nation.

Secure our borders, now!

Require all illegals to
register as a first step
to dealing with the problem
of tens of millions of illegals
who have unlawfully invaded
our Nation.

Deport all illegals in our
prisons and jails and those
that those that commit crimes
punishable by incarceration.

Reform our Immigration
Law. Persons from parts of
the world that harbor deep
hatred of America and who
do not aim to assimilate 
peacefully into our way
of life, and who do not
intend to pay allegiance
to America, should not be
accepted as immigrants.

The  same goes for student
visas. Far too many come
here pretending to be students
and become illegal residents.
Many fit the profile of those
who want to destroy America.
No student visas for them!

Unsecured borders and
unrestricted immigration 
of unskilled, uneducated
multitudes who do not
share our culture and 
language, including many
who are intent on doing
us harm, is to commit
national Hari Kari.

Time for politicians to
uphold their oaths of office.

Uphold their oaths to
safeguard our Constitutional
Republic, our way of life
and our language.

                      Joe Sullivan


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