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Friday, July 31, 2015


Tonight a  lovely Blue Moon
lit up the darkness.

A soft summer's evening
with low humidity and a
clear sky. 

Paddy, Mick, Margaret 
and me walked along
silently enjoying the scene.

There won't be another
Blue Moon for three years.

I pondered what would
the next Blue Moon bring?

Would Obama, his minions
and transformational agenda
be nothing more than a bad

Would the American electorate
have risen to the challenge of
restoring America, our way
of life and our Constitutional

Will all the tyrants , despots and
incompetents have been driven
from, or denied election to, public

Or, will the next Blue Moon be
obscured by the storm clouds
of a nuclear winter blanketing
a once great Nation reduced
to  lifeless, smoldering rubble? 

Government can not save us.
The people must save our
Nation, our government, our
way of life and themselves.

The 2015 and 2016 elections
are of vital significance to
the survival of America and
all Americans.

                     Joe Sullivan

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