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Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Oil trains are bringing
Dakota oil to the Port
of Albany for transshipment
by sea to  a refinery in
St John's, New Brunswick

Soon a 765 kv power line
will be built from Quebec
through Albany to New
York City providing clean
hydro power.

Albany City and County
should tap into these
energy sources.

1. Build a refinery at the
Port of Albany which should
provide jobs, an improved
city tax base and lower prices
for gasoline and home heating

2. Tap into the 765 kv power
line that will carry Quebec
hydro power to NYC.

This should result in a
reliable supply of clean
hydropower for Albany City
and County which will benefit
homeowners, hospitals,schools
and manufacturing .

Rather than merely serving
as a conduit for oil and
electricity, Albany should
utilize these energy resources
to improve the property tax
base, economic development
and jobs, and an improved
quality of life for local residents.

New Yorkers pay high gasoline
taxes that are supposed to fund
highway infrastructure, but
which are siphoned off for
other political uses.

                       Joe Sullivan

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