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Saturday, July 25, 2015


The City Council passed
a resolution declaring
sanctuary for illegal
aliens to be city policy
in 2007.

The Mayor and Common 
Council should rescind
this sanctuary policy

The Albany County
government should
affirm that the county
is not a sanctuary for
illegal aliens.

The City school  system
should inform city tax
payers of how many 
illegal alien children
are enrolled in city
schools, at what cost?

Albany County should
canvass welfare and
medicaid rolls to identify
how many illegal aliens
are receiving welfare and
medicaid in Albany City
and County, at what cost?

Local law enforcement
agencies. and Courts
should turn over all illegal
alien perps to ICE.

Social services, medicaid
and law enforcement costs
are a major strain on county
and city budgets. These costs
should be tallied and made

Members of the Common
Council and County Legislators
who represent districts with
larges numbers of social
services/medicaid recipients
should be in the forefront
opposing sanctuary status
for illegal aliens because
American citizens on social
services/medicaid stand to
be adversely impacted by
adding illegals to the rolls.

There is only so much money
to fund social services, medicaid
law enforcement, schools and
health care.

It was recently announced
that Social Security Disability
will be out of money next year.

Social security, medicare/medicaid
face the same fate in the near future.

Far too many Americans are
dependent on the government
for survival. It is sure suicide
to add millions of illegals to the
the public assistance rolls as
well as provide educational and
medical benefits for illegals.

America is a lifeboat adrift
in a sea of world poverty. Take
on too many and the lifeboat
swamps and all aboard are lost.

Voters wake up. Government
policies and politicians who
support them, are destroying
America and our futures.

No amnesty for illegal aliens!

Only informed voters going to
the polls can save America and

                         Joe Sullivan

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