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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


St. Teresa's final buzzer (TU 2/17/09 pA1)

To allow St Teresa's Church/School to close invites
urban decay/blight to follow.

God helps those who help themselves. When
Shepherd leads flock astray, the flock must fend
for themselves.

1. Seek out an RC Order to take over St. Teresa's
Church- keep it open. Time to recall priests from
foreign missions. They are needed here.

2. Form St Teresa's Charter School, adopt a
voucher system. Remember, St Teresa's is a
K-8 school. Parents living in Albany's 8th
9th, 10th, 13th, 14th and 15th wards would
rather see their kids go to St Teresa's for
grades 7 and 8 rather than to Hackett.

This is not a time for flock to bleat like
lambs being led to the slaughter!


Rifles get a new roost (TU 2/17/09 p A1)

Stand tall Senator Gillibrand. Stick to your
guns and support of Second Amendment
rights of law abiding citizens, especially
because of the perilous times in which we
are living.


Shawn Morris and Corey Ellis, would be
Albany mayoral candidates on CBS6 TV
last night.....

Shawn stammers on camera. Corey MIA.

Give up the ghost! Jerry
Jennings has a lot more going for him
than mere money. He has it over you
in speaking ability, experience, looks
and boundless energy.

Albany would be a better place if
you, and your Far Left supporters would
work with, not against, Jerry Jennings.


NYPD'S terror lesson (TU 2/16/09 pA3)

NYPD constantly involved in anti-terror
training ops...this time combating swarm
tactics used by perps in Mumbai massacre.

What are Far Left Common Council Members
and their supporters doing to ensure that
Albany residents are safe from terror attacks?

Chasing ghost tickets and issuing toothless
feel-good, pc Gun Task Force recommendations!

Downing the APD every chance they get!

No emergency/disaster preparedness initiatives!

Doesn't make me feel safe.


Image crucial in quick campaign (TU 2/15/09 pD1)

If voters of 20th CD blow this one, they deserve
what the get.

Voter enrollment favors Tedisco, but a low turnout
could hand the race to Murphy by default.

Tedisco is the far better choice.


TU editorials (2/15/09 pB4)

Know the past, guard the future....

forget Senator Leahy's call for a commission
to explore whether the Bush administration
broke the law responding to 9-11.

Better to focus on protecting America now
and in the future...this means securing our borders
and ports, denying jobs, education, health care and
social services to illegal aliens (which will result in
their voluntarily going home en mass), and
deporting all illegals and their sympathizers now
incarcerated in U S jails.

Aggressively rooting out Islamic terror cells and
terror training camps in the U.S and Canada.

N.Y.'s pipe dream

Governor Paterson has a dollar and a dream
want's to invest lottery income aggressively
in the stock market.

TU rightly labels this a "foolhardy idea".

Bong this!

Joe Sullivan

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