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Friday, February 13, 2009


The aspiring council candidates for mayor and
common council president couldn't muster the
subpoena vote.

The votes for subpoena were not there.

Ghost tickets have been neutered as a campaign issue

for those aspiring to be candidates.

The field is crowded and divided.

The Council should be focusing on:

* emergency/disaster preparedness

* preventing a terror attack on Albany

*cracking down on armed gangbangers, and

assorted anti-social malcontents who are allies
of foreign terrorists who seek to
destroy America, us and our way of life.

The Council should also be looking at the

"stimulus" bill before Congress.

What is really in it and what are the implications

for city residents? How should any funds be

Also, how about a Home Rule Message to the

State Legislature calling for action to provide
that Albany may:

* eliminate the city school district/board and

merging it with city government
* place responsibility/accountability for city schools in
office of mayor (and perhaps, with City Council??)
* create one property tax roll ( not two as we have now)
to support city government/city schools
* return to K-8 neighborhood schools which are best

for kids parents and neighborhoods
* change school budget vote from May to the September

2009 Primary

Ideally, the State Legislature and Gov must act this


If not, each of the above proposals should be placed

on the September 2009 Primary ballot.

Now...that is real change. Something specific to run

on that will surely generate larger than normal
primary turnout

Something that will reverse white flight from the city

and associated neighborhood blight/decay that is due
in large part, to the present dysfunctional city school
system which is failing kids, parents, taxpayers and

This runaway, city school system, controlled by flaming
Leftists, is destroying the City.

Leftists revere diversity, but are killing it.

Who will support city government and city schools when
Albany is a predominantly black city of poor and aged
residents? Where disorder, blight and crime rule?

Those who aspire to lead this city, must address the
real issues that pertain to the survival of the city
and all who dwell here, now and in the future.

The current Council Members who aspire to be mayor
or Council President should do their jobs they were
elected for. Most represent wards where blight
crime, violence and disorder reign.

Shawn Morris should clean up her home 7th Ward,

not sponsor spot zoning measures like the Highway
Commercial rezoning of 3 acres on Holland Ave,
a major emergency vehicle routeway to Albany Med.

Dom Calsolaro should clean up his 1st Ward,

Corey Ellis his 3rd Ward.

If they can show leadership there, maybe one day
they might have credibility as candidate(s) for
Common Council President and Mayor.

For now, they would be serve the people of their
respective wards ,and the City at large, by working
with, rather than against the Mayor, to resolve
the problems outlined above.

Joe Sullivan

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