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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More Today's (yesterday's) News

Glen Beck reported on his morning radio show
that the FBI Director, today, issued a warning
that American cities are at risk for terror attacks.

This news does not appear to be widely broadcast
by mainstream media.

Nonetheless, any informed person knows this
is coming, and when it does, there will be
economic, political and social chaos to follow.

Wouldn't we all feel safer, if the President
addressed this topic tonight, telling the
American people, and the world, what he
and Congress will do to counter these
terrorist threats.

Like: (1) securing our borders, ports
railroads, pipelines, oil refineries
food processing plants, power plants
and grids (2) rooting out all terror cells
and training camps on American soil
(3) disarming the gangbangers,
drug dealers and other anti-social
malcontents, who are the natural allies
of the foreign terrorists
(4) securing our borders, ports, power
plants/grids, dams, transportation
infrastucture, including roads, bridges
tunnels, railroads, oil refineries, natural
gas pipelines, water supplies, sewer
systems and food production/processing
(5) Not closing Gitmo until a new policy
of taking no prisioners in War on Terror
is in place.
(6) Not trying terrorists in the American
court system.

Terrorists are vile subhumans
who have no constitutional, civil, or Geneva
Convention rights or protections.

(7) Not allowing suspected terrorists or
their sympathizers to travel by air or sea
to the United States from countries that
serve as sanctuaries for terrorists.
(8) Ending sanctuary status/policies of
American states, cities and law enforcement
that allow illegal aliens remain here.
(9) Prohibiting illegal aliens from getting
jobs, schooling, healthcare, medicaid
social security, welfare, food stamps, HEAP
public housing and any other social service
benefit. This will result in such illegals
voluntarily returning to their countries
of origin and will deter other illegals from
trying to sneak into the U.S.
(10) Immediately deporting the illegal
alien populations of our prisons and jails.
Doing likewise with their gangbanger and
drug dealer allies.

These may sound like harsh measures,
but they will pale in significance to the
social chaos, civil disorder and hardships
that will follow the coming terror attacks
on the U.S., and the martial law measures
that will occur as a response.

As this blog has repeatedly warned:
Home land security is the most pressing
concern. If America is not secure, and we
are not safe...nothing else will matter...
not the economy, not health care, not
the banks, not gay marriage ... ......
not the fairness doctrine and not civil
rights....because under martial law there
won't be any.

Homeland security should be the major
concern of the President, Congress, state
and local governments, every candidate
for election to public office, at every level
this year, and every citizen/voter.

The mainstream media avoids this issue
at its', and, our peril.

Joe Sullivan

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