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Friday, March 25, 2011


The  2010 U S Census counted aliens
illegal and legal.

The NYS Constitution provides that
the redistricting process exclude

Therefore, redistricting in New York
State and Albany County, to pass
Constitutional muster,  will require
that the state and county  conduct a
census which excludes aliens when
drawing district lines based on
population numbers.


                                Joe Sullivan

*Nuclear power plants located near huge
urban places. Some built on fault lines
in New York and California.

*Storing spent fuel rods on site at
nuclear plants, because there is no
safe place to dispose of (store) spent
fule rods.

* Obama administration closed
Yucca Mountain, Nevada nuclear
waste disposal site.

*Failure of the Obama administration
to secure our borders and ports; and
to revise U S immigration policy to
bar hostiles from entering the country.

*Tens of millions of illegal aliens who
have invaded our land, among them
OTM's , many of whom are jihadists.

* Many  resident "legal" immigrants
and their native born offsprings, as well
as, many here on "student" visas  may be
jihadists and/or sympathizers.

* Jihadists are cunning foes. Recall 9-11

Add these facts up. Do you really have
confidence in the Obama administration
or Congress, to keep us safe?


                                                     Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Congressman Tonko was a member
of the Democratic majority in the
111th Congress.

Tonko raised a lot of special interest
money. How much? From whom?
What did he spend it on?

Did Tonko's legislative achievements
and stands on issues  merit the amounts
cash he received? Name them.

Read (be sure to explore all tabs)

What has Tonko done to benefit the
people of the 21 st Congressional District?

2011-2012, the 111th Congress, is a different
ball game.

Tonko is now a minority member. That
means Tonko will be even less effective
than he was when a majority member.

As a result campaign contributions to
Tonko, will dry up. Follow the money in
his 2011  and 2012 fund raising reports.

Tonko will be more dependent on
"free publicity" from Capital District
media which, like all media,  depends
on cash tranfusions of campaign political
ad spending every election cycle.

Tonko has hitched his political wagon
to President Obama. Will that turn out
to be a liability  in the 2012 election?
Will Obama contribute cash and public
support to Tonko's campaign?

Tonko's tenure in congress has yielded
little in benefits to the people of the
21st Congressional District. Tonko's
wind energy kite lacks a strong, steady
wind. Tonko is missing in action when
it comes to vital issues of  national
security and foreign affairs.

Simply said, Tonko is a partyline
follower not a leader. Tonko's record
in Congress is undistinguished.

Will Tonko's district disappear in
the redistricting process now underway?
If not, will Tonko disappear from
Congress after the 2012 election?

The answer will come from the 21st
Congressional District voters, next
year, and how the Capital District
Media covers campaign 2012.

Hopefully, those voters will cast informed
votes, knowing that the 2012 elections will
determine the survival of America and their
own survival as well.

The same goes for the Capital District media.

                                      Joe Sullivan

Saturday, March 12, 2011


Went to the parade today. Wore
my grandfather Michael J Sullivan's
Bonanza Local 235 WFM ribbon in
his memory.

He wore that ribbon 113 years ago
in the Nevada mining camp of
Rhyolite, now a ghost town in the
desert on the edge of Death Valley.

A long way from his native
Inchinteskin Townland in Eyeries
Parish of the Beara Peninsula of
County Cork.

Mike lies in St Patrick's Cemetery
Butte, Montana, along with Great
Grandfather Sean Harrington A Buaile
and so many other relations from
Beara who went West to the miner's
frontier. RIP.

                                  Joe Sullivan

posted by J P Sullivan
5:00 PM

                    John Donne
                    Ernest Hemingway

The mother of all meltdowns?

While watching events in Japan
consider that  we and 34 million
other Americans live in the shadow
of the Indian Point nuclear plants
which sit astride the junction of
two geologic fault lines.

The mother of all nuclear meltdowns
could occur here!

This prospect is made worse by
on site storage of nuclear wastes.

NYS Attorney General Schneiderman
to his credit, is taking legal action to
remedy this madness:

The Indian Point nuclear twins should
be shut down before a disaster occurs

Keep in mind that there are Jihadists
foreign and native born ,who dwell
amongst us. NYC and the entire
metro region are prime targets for
those who seek our destruction. They
are cunning and resourceful. The 9-11
attacks on the World Trade Center
are exhibit A.

Meanwhile, keep your vehicle gas
tanks full and plan alternative
evacuation routes....just in case.

Support the Governor and State
Legislature of Vermont in their
efforts to have the Vermont Yankee
nuclear plant , located Northeast
of the Capital District, shut down.

Need electric power? Buy hydro
power from Quebec.

Got coal? Yes, we do. Use it!

Got natural gas? Yes, we do.
Safely tap the Marcellus shale!

Contrary to advocates of nuclear
power expansion - nuclear power
is not safe when plants sit astride
fault lines, when we have no plan
or place for disposal of nuclear wastes
and while we have Jihadists lying
in wait to strike us a mortal blow.

Ding, dong. Ding, dong!
                                    Joe Sullivan

Sunday, March 6, 2011



There is no oil shortage now. Just
price gouging.

If the supply of oil is cut. We will
need the strategic oil reserve to be
full to serve domestic security and
emergency needs as well as to
conduct overseas military ops.

China is moving to establish a
strategic oil reserve for the same

Oil is the lifeblood of our economy
and military ops. Our enemies know

They are intent on denying us oil
from the Middle East fields.

What is our Commander In Chief
going to do about it?

Hint: forget about sitting on hands
diplomacy or pandering
 to and appeasing
our enemies. (Iran and allies)

Who are the Saudi's and Iraqi's siding
with? The Turks (who belong to NATO)
The Egyptian military?

What are the NATO members going to

What is Israel going to do about it?

The U S, NATO and Israel had better
sort it all out pronto!

                                    Joe Sullivan

Some say that the U S must
remain in Afghanistan to deny
terrorists a place to set up
training camps.

Silly! They have plenty of
training camps in Pakistan
Iran and elsewhere, including
the USA.

Our Southern border is not
secure. Tens of millions of
illegal aliens have invaded
the U S homeland, among
them OTM's including foreign

Other terrorists have come
to the U S legally through
student visas and immigration

Their native born offsprings
have broadened the terrorist
base, together with recruitment
of native born anti-social
malcontents in prisons, from
gangbangers, drug dealers
and leftist revolutionary types.

Does it make any tactical sense
to have large numbers of U S
and NATO troops  providing
targets for Al Qiada, the Taliban
and rogue tribesmen, while
leaving our Southern border
wide open and allowing the
offspring of "legal" immigrants
and native born malcontents of
every hue, to swell the terrorist
ranks in the American homeland?

Hardly! Afghanistan is a military
wasteland, and has been for the
past 2,500 years or more.

If Pakistan falls supply lines
to our troops in Afghanistan
would be cut. Large concentrations
of U S and NATO troops are targets
for Iranian missles.

Our troops would suffer the
same fate as the British Army of
the Indus in the 19th century.


The solution? Not easy but
necessary for our survival.

Redeploy U S and NATO forces
to secure the Suez Canal and
the oil fields of the Middle East.

Be prepared to counter any move
on the oil fields by Iran, including
keeping the sea lanes  open and oil
piplines secure.

Expect that Iran will likely opt to
utilize missles and small units of
terrorists to destroy oil fields, rather
than launch a full scale ground
attack with standing armies.

Iranian missles fired from
Venezuela could raise havoc
in the U S, while the terrorists
foreign born, illegal and legal
their offsprings and their
recruits from among  native
born malcontents, could
distrupt and terrorize urban
places, transportation and
utility lines and food supplies.

Secure our Southern border
and ports immediately. Bring
home some units from Afghanistan
to assist.

States should deploy their
National Guard units to protect
likely targets of terrorists.

The tens of millions of illegals
need to be identified and returned
to their countries of origin.

Those here as legal immigrants
on student visas, as well as those
born in the U S, who are likely
Jihadist sympathizers must be
observed closely.

Gangbangers in urban places
across America must be disarmed.

Failing to recognize the peril we
face and failing to take necessary
steps to maintain the supply and
flow of oil, as well as to secure
our borders and ports and deal
with the enemies who dwell amongst
us, can result in the collapse of
our economy, civil chaos and
strife and subsequent martial law.

National security is the paramount
issue. All else pales in significance.

Our survival is on the line!

                             Joe Sullivan

Girls gone wild South of the border?

Courtesy of

                                        Joe Sullivan

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


The U S is wealthy in coal.  Coal
is used to generate most of the
electricity required to support
our way of life.

Oil prices are rapidly increasing.
As Jihadists set the Mideast on fire.
Oil will soon be rationed and not
available at any price.

Like it, or not, as America is
starved of oil, we will have to turn
to coal to survive.

Does it make any sense to mine
coal in Montana and Wyoming and
ship it to China to fuel electric
power plants to support China's
growing manufacturing and population


I say, end all U S coal shipments to

We will need this coal to fuel our power
plants, heat our homes, move freight and
people by rail, including commuter light
rail; to replace petroleum in manufacturing
pharmaceuticals, plastics and a myriad
of other products which we rely on.

                                          Joe Sullivan