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Tuesday, April 2, 2013


The Albany School District is at
it again:

School budget votes should be
held at November General
Elections - when school board
candidates are on the ballot.

Better yet, the city schools
should be consolidated with
city government, with one
property tax roll to finance
both. Albany should return to
a K-8 neighborhood school
system. The Mayor and Common
Council responsible/accountable
for city school operation and
performance. Abolish the school
board. Get the federal government
out of  schools. Repeal  No Child
Left Behind/ Race to The Top.

Education is a state-local matter.
More local control/flexibilty in
curriculums are needed in city
schools. Fewer administrators.
More teachers and more power
to the teachers and local voters,
Abolish teacher state evaluation
mandate. State aid to schools
should be in form of  block grants.
Equal funding to all schools.
No strings attached.

Index property taxes to school
graduation rates.

These will require a Home Rule
Message from the City Council
sponsorship by Assembly Members
Fahy and  McDonald as well as
State Senator Breslin. Passage by
both the houses of the state legislature
and signature of the Governor
will be needed.

Will the aforementioned actors
step up to the plate?

Meanwhile, the County Board
of Elections should administer
city school budget elections.

Use the new electronic voting
machines and/or provide for
votes to be cast by absentee paper
ballots mailed to all eligible

Include non-binding resolutions
on the ballot, to ascertain voter
response to the above questions
pertaining to education and city

                       Joe Sullivan

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