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Monday, April 8, 2013

and BOMBS,

Gun control is the priority
for politicians at every level.

They tell us that the restrictive
gun legislation being advocated
and passed, is worth it if only
one life is saved.

How many lives will be lost
because of an inept Commander
in Chief, and his administration's
failure to deal with missle and
bomb threats perpetrated by
North Korea, Iran, Venezuela
and others, who have publicly
declared that it is their intent
to destroy America?

Appeasement, unilateral
disarmament, failure to
secure our borders, sanctuary
status for illegal aliens, who
have invaded our land by
the tens of millions, and  policies
that weaken, rather than
strengthen, our military, air
and naval preparedness put
America, and  all Americans
in grave danger.

Gun control advocates and
supporters are playing into
the hands of those who seek
our destruction.

The focus of the President
Congress, state and local
governments, should be
security , emergency/disaster
preparedness and aggressively
preventing first strikes by our
enemies, foreign and domestic.

                        Joe Sullivan

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