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Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Uphold the Second Amendment.

Do not infringe upon the Second
Amendment rights of Americans.

Self defense is the key to our life
liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Government can't save us. We
must save ourselves, our government
and our country.

Boston is just the beginning of
these types of terror attacks. More
and worse will follow. Attacks
will graduate in scale and scope
culminating in dirty bombs and
nuclear bombs/missles.

Any politician who denies this
is stupid or lying.

We have many enemies who
are sworn to destroy America
and our way of life.

You have failed to secure our
borders, allowing tens of millions
of illegal aliens to invade our land.

Among them are violent criminals
and ATM's who are operatives
of the foreign terrorists.

Anyone who enters our land
uinlawfully has no respect for
the rule of law. Once here they
will violate all our laws leading
to chaos and civil disorder.

We have our own native born
anti-social malcontents who
are all too ready to join in on
the looting, pillaging and
plundering that follows natural
or man made disasters.

New Orleans and Long Island
in the wake of recent hurricanes
are examples of the civil chaos
that follows.

There are not enough police
to protect us, our loved ones
and our property in the event
of multiple disasters/terror
attacks occurring at the same

We will be on our own.

This is why the Founders
crafted the Second Amendment.

We the people elect you to
represent us, Not subjugate
or rule us,

You have all taken an oath
to uphold the Constitution.

Do it!

1. Secure our borders and
ports immediately.

2. Register all illegals in
the country at local post
offices or supermarkets
where they send money
back to their homelands.

3. Embargo any such transfers
of money by persons who
are not citizens.

4. Scan all voter rolls to make
certain that only bonafide
resident U S citizens are there.

5. Issue photo voter ID's to
all such bonafide American
citizen voters. These are to
be produced when voting in
any election - including school
bgoard/budget votes.

6. Stop ramming through
all sorts of legislation, in
huge bills, that are not read
understood or properly debated
over a reasonable time.

Thomas Jefferson advocated
letting legislation age and be
debated, with ample time for
public comments - One Year

7. Set aside any pending gun
control legislation that pertains
to law abiding Americans and
their Second Amendment rights.

8. Repeal the NY Safe Act which
violates the Second Amendment
and makes no one safe, Rather
than save one life, this law will
result in huge losses of life when
chaos and civil disorder occur.

9. Set aside any legislation
relating to illegal aliens.

Secure the borders. Require all
illegals to register.  E verify
workers. No social services or
benefits of any kind.

Strictly enforce all existing
immigration law.

Many will quickly return to
from whence they came.

Politicians beware. If you
do not do these things, and more.
You are playing into the hands
of our foes.

You will bear the responsibility
for the loss of our country, our
way of life, our pursuit of life
liberty and happiness - and your
own as well.

Shape up or ship out. If you are
not up to the challenge. Step aside.

Lastly, all you partyline Lemming
voters, and those who do not vote
at all - you have the obligation to
cast informed ballots electing real
Patriots not petty tyrants.

Do it!

                               Joe Sullivan

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