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Monday, April 8, 2013


Fred Dicker's inside story in today's
NY Post:

What's really behind this leaked
story? Leaked by whom. Why?

The Governor and every state
legislator face re-election in 2014.

The Governor has made incredible
blunders, last year and this ,which
confirm he is a rabid "progressive"
not the conservative he pretended
to be in year one of
his first 4 year term as Governor.

His tax crap legislation has no
teeth and was exceeded in many
local political units, such as Albany
County, utilizing the local overide

He rammed through same sex
marriage legislation and broke
the back of GOP control of the
State Senate. Ironically, his
best ally in his drive to overpower
the Assembly Speaker

He came out of the closet in his
January State of The State address as
a flaming "progressive" who scared
many with his emotional oratory performance.

He promptly rammed through the
NY SAFE ACT which, in reality
is illogical, flawed, makes no one
safe and which tramples the Second
Amendment rights of all New
Yorkers, as well as making them
in fact, less safe, because it deprives
them of the ability to defend
themselves, their loved ones and
their property in a state that is
overrun with illegal aliens, violent
gangbangers, drug dealers, thieves
and assorted perps.

He has exhibited fatal indecision
regarding the natural gas bonanza
which would create an economic
boom in New York akin to the building
of the Erie Canal in the early 1800's.

Now, he is focusing on corruption
and ethics legislation including
banning political cross-endorsements
because, not only, has the Governor
blown any chance of being the
Presidential candidate of the
Democratic Party in 2016; he has
become vulnerable for re-election
as Governor in 2014.

The Governor is further blundering
by letting it be known that he
wants to oust the Assembly Speaker
because of corruption and ethics
issues in the House, replacing the
Speaker with an upstater.

Why? Because the SAFE ACT is
likely to be struck down in the courts
because the act is illogical, flawed
does nothing to make anyone safe
and is blatantly unconstitutional.

And, the Assembly Speaker is on
record saying that certain key
provisions of the Safe Act  may
be repealed when the state
legislature acts to amend that
law before session ends.

Upstate legislators in the Assembly
and Senate will vote their own
self-interest (re-election in 2014)
as will Long Island pols.

Create a crisis. Divide. Conquer?

End result. Speaker wins. Governor

Corruption? Ethics issues? Nothing
new in NYS politics.

They are rooted in the political
quest for power and control
as well as egotism and innate
dishonesty of elected officials
and those who elect them.

The remedy? Not more legislation.
Informed voters electing true
representatives, who uphold
the Constitution and who place
the interests of the Nation, state
and people above blind partyline
allegiance and self-interest.

Begin with the 2013 local elections.
Continue on with the 2014 state
and federal elections. Complete
the job in the 2016 presidential
and congressional elections.

Only, the people, particularly
enrolled Democrats can save
America, New York, Albany
themselves and us.

                        Joe Sullivan

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