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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


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Tuesday, February 12, 2013 AN ELECTION PLAN CITY OF ALBANY 2013

* End Sanctuary city status for
   illegal aliens.

   Register illegal aliens not guns!

   Determine how many live/ work
   in Albany. Where? How many
   attend city/state schools? How
   many receive social services,
   SSI, IRS tax credits for children
   health care, food stamps and other  

*  Tap into the 765 KV hydroelectric
    power line being built from Quebec
    to NYC, via Albany.

    Lower electricity rates will benefit        
    homeowners, businesses, schools
    hospitals, manufacturing and
    transportation. Clean energy, better
    air quality.

*  Make emergency/disaster preparedness
    a priority  for the City, schools, hospitals
    churches, synagogues, mosques, police
    fire services, neighborhoods, homes
    senior housing and apartment complexes.

*  The Capital Hills (aka Albany Muni)
     golf course is a jewel for local residents
     who golf there in season, as well as
     those who walk, jog and cross country
     ski or snow shoe, go sledding with their
     children, exercise their pets and/or
     visit Martell's.

    The scenic panoramas from the
     course, including the Three Sisters
     peaks of the Catskills, The Helderbergs
     and Normans Kill are a delight.

     Resist all attempts to privatize the
     course, build luxury housing there
     or change the current zoning of
     Land Conservation - LC (parkland).

*  Keep the State Office Campus as
    home to state agencies. No privatization.
    Retain the ring roads, trees ,landscaping.
    Negoiate continued in -lieu of taxes
    payments with the State.

    This will reduce traffic heading
    downtown on city residential streets
    and contribute to improved quality
    of life and residential integrity of

 * Promote residential development
    downtown, a major supermarket
    expanded two year college campus
    Quincey type waterfront market and
    resumption of Hudson River river
    boat transportation between NYC
    and Albany to spur tourism/jobs.
    A casino, and more hotels, as well.

More to follow.

                                Joe Sullivan

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