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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Campaign finance reform
means public financing of
politicial campaigns.

A bad idea.


Want campaign reform?
Do not take the money.

This means candidates and
the media.

Voters pay attention. Cast
informed votes.

Candidates clearly state
why you are a candidate
and where  you stand on
vital issues.

Media provide fair/equal
coverage of candidates
regarding the above. Just
give the voters the facts
and information they require
to cast informed ballots.

Keep your opinions and
endorsements to yourselves.

Let the voters decide.

Give voters fair and full
coverage of candidates
and their issue positions
in their own words.

Candidates and the media
should keep campaigns short
and to the point.

Campaigns need not be
expensive if the above
reforms were voluntarily
adopted by candidates
the media...and the voters.

                   Joe Sullivan

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