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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NOVEMBER 5, 2013

Joseph P Sullivan will be the
Conservative Party candidate
for Mayor of the City of Albany
in the November 5, 2013
General Election.

Read posts on this website
January to present, 2013.

Read selected posts on tabs that
appear at the right of the screen.

Search this website for topics
including  Education, Energy
Preparedness, City of Albany
Politics, Sanctuary City and
Illegal Aliens- and any other
topic of interest to you.

Anything posted by Sullivan
on any the above, and related
topics, in the past 8 years, will

Let's do the two step.


Sullivan is an ardent supporter
of America First, our Constitutional
Republic, The Constitution, in
particular, the Second Amendment.
Repeal the NY Safe Act before
the State Legislature leaves town
in June.


Sullivan advocates consolidation
of city schools with city government
with one property tax to finance
both. Return to a neighborhood K-8
school system, with more local
control over what is taught and how.

Put these and related education
questions on the November ballot
in the City of Albany.

The survival of America and all
Americans are on the line. Government
can't save us, We must save ourselves
and our Constitutional Republic.

Begin with the 2013 local elections.
In 2014 elect a Congress that puts
America First, before party politics.

Have a nice summer and look foreward
to a short Fall camapign that will offer
you the voters a very clear choice on
November 5.

Enjoy the rambles of spring:

Our future depends on you casting
informed ballots rather than the usual
partyline Lemming behavior of the

                                Joe Sullivan

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