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Monday, May 27, 2013


We have met the enemy and they
are - current federal/state/local

It is an irony that our own
elected officials pose a greater
and more immediate, threat to
the security of America
and all Americans, than al Qaida
and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Obamacare, core curriculums
failure to secure our national
borders and ports, and the rush
to grant amnesty to the tens
of millions of illegal aliens who
have invaded our land,  are among
the actions of our government
that are destroying America.

Exhbit A- Senate Bill 744
Schumer- McCain-Rubio, et al:


As we honor those who have
sacrificed their lives to preserve
our Nation, our Constitutional
Republic and the "life, liberty
and pursuit of happiness" of
each and every American, may
we resolve that those supreme
sacifices have not been in vain.

The 2013 local, and 2014 state
and congressional elections are
key to the survival of America
and all Americans.

Our futures depend on voters
casting informed votes in these

The media must realize that
a free and independent media
is essential to, their, and our

Without this, our Constitutional
Republic will not stand.

                           Joe Sullivan

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