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Thursday, May 2, 2013


America is a lifeboat adrift in a sea
of world poverty.

We can not  continue to allow
tens of millions of illegal aliens
most of whom are poor, uneducated
or ATM's bent on our destruction.
to invade our land and expect
that our lifeboat will remain afloat.

We have far too many of our own
native born poor and millions out of work.

The Center for Immigration estimates
that 40 percent of all immigrants to America
are on welfare.

Our current welfare rolls are not sustainable.

To add tens of millions more to the welfare
rolls is to court disaster.

The invader aliens are law breakers.

Amnesty to reward them only undermines
the rule of law.

The current "comprehensive immigration
reform bill "- all 844 pages- is a farce.

Pass this bill and America will be on
the fast track to become a third world

The so called "bipartisan gang of eight"
are way off course. These gangbangers
are a far cry from the caliber of the
Founders of our great country.

Every Senator and Member of the House
must measure up to the Founders, if we
are to survive as a Nation.

This  "comprehensive immigration reform
bill" is as poorly drafted and conceived
as the so called "NY SAFE ACT" rammed
through the NYS Legislature by a Governor
gone mad.

Repeal the SAFE ACT and vote down
the "comprehensive immigration reform

In New York end sanctuary status for
illegal aliens. E verify all employees
voter and welfare rolls as well as school
and college students.

The survival of America and all Americans
are on the line.

Politicians at all levels are trashing the

Government can't save us, we must
save ourselves and our Constitutional

                                     Joe Sullivan

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