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Monday, January 26, 2009


Look beyond the headlines to understand politicalspeak.

Example 1. Gillibrand vows to back hunters' rights.
Times Union 1/26/09 pA3
by Karen Matthews AP

Does not translate to support for Second Amendment
Rights of all law abiding citizens to bear arms...not
only for hunting, but for self defense.

Example 2. Moral Standing needs repair
TU 1/26/09 pA9 Commentary
by Eugene Robinson

Robinson claims Guantanomo diminishes America's moral
standing in the world....calls for President Obama to "form panel, some sort of 'truth commisson', to
investigate Bush's conduct of his 'war on terror' ".

What about abortion? What about respect for life?
President Obama's views on abortion? His policies
and voting record as an Illinois state senator. His
soon to be promulgated executive order regarding

How do these repair America's moral standing?

Joe Sullivan

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