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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Queen Hillary Rules

The photos in today's Times Union tell it all.

We see a picture of the President dwarfed by the
vastness of the oval office. Clearly over his head.

We see pictures of Hillary and Caroline.
Hillary to the left, looking confident and smug.
Caroline looking devastated.

What conclusions can be drawn here?

1. Barack Hussein Obama is not John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

2. Caroline Kennedy is not JFK

3. BHO may be President and Hillary may be Secretary of State

4. In reality Hillary is Queen of the U.S , and maybe the world.

5. BHO is a figurehead. Hillary and Bubba run the game.
BHO's cabinet is a Clinton cabinet. JayZee and L'll JayZee
don't get it.

6. Camelot done. BHO says: "see ya". He is helpless
to intervene.

7. Teddy and Caroline dumped Hillary for BHO

8. Payback time! Hillary scuttles Caroline's U S Senate
bid to be Hillary's successor.

9. BHO and David Paterson fall in line.

10. Congresswoman Gillibrand is a protege of

11. Even though Gillibrand's selection for U S
Senate does nothing to aid the re-election
prospects of David Paterson, Paterson
must cave. He needs bail out money from
Washington to keep New York afloat.

Conclusion: Hillary Rules!. She is the Queen
puppetmaster of the American political stage.

Joe Sullivan

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