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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Carol DeMare reports in today's Times Union
that the NY State Police are considering
arming patrols with rifles.

Governor Paterson should immediately
direct that the State Police leadership
get on the ball - arm the patrol officers
with the rifles , arms and other
equipment they need to protect
themselves and us.

America is at war. We are fighting a
War on Terror, initiated by radical
Jihadists who want to destroy us
America and our way of life.

Our borders are wide open.
Tens of millions of illegal aliens
have flooded our country.

No doubt foreign terrorists and
weapons of mass destruction
(WMD' know the one's
that Saddam shipped out to
Syria before we acted) have
already crossed our borders.

We are engaged in a War on
Drugs. Mexico is on the verge
of collapse and falling under
complete control of the drug

Gangs are proliferating in
our urban areas. They are
allies of the foreign terrorists
that seek to destroy us.

The gangs and terrorist
sleepers are armed with
AK 47's and probably an
assortment of RPG's
shoulder fired missles
and more.

Our State and local police
patrols only have side arms??

When the terror sleeper cells
and their gangbanger allies
are given the signal to strike.

Law enforcement and the public
will be defenseless.

Far Left Democrats are undermining
our national security, setting the stage
for the fall of America. President
Obama's recent executive orders and
the coming push to deprive law
abiding citizens of their Second Amendment
right to bear arms, coupled with failure
to adequately arm state and local police
will seal our fate.

Joe Sullivan

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