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Friday, January 23, 2009

Senator Chuck Pulls a
Dick Cheney
on Kirsten Gillibrand

Speaking at the press conference at which
Governor Paterson anounced his appoint-
ment of Kirsten Gillibrand to fill the U S
Senate Seat from New York vacated by
now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ...

now Senior Senator Chuck Schumer
D-Brooklyn ,made like a NYC hunter
Upstate, during hunting season.

Schumer shot down one of his own.

Schumer raised the issue of gun control
saying that Gillibrand would have to
support gun control, an issue near and
dear to him (and President Obama), as
well a far left NYC Democrats.

Schumer immediately put Gillibrand
in a position that will assure her
defeat in the 2010 General Election
if not the 2010 Democratic Primary.

Gillibrand opposed gun control as
Congresswoman earning her NRA

Now, Kirsten is on the spot. Which
is it? Support 2nd Amendment
Rights or gun control?

Does she carry Upstate or Downstate?
Or neither?

Senator Chuck shot his mouth off
before evaluating the consequences
of this wild shot. Or, did he?

Wonder what Hillary will say to
him now?

As for President Obama calling
in during the press conference...
where was he when Caroline
Kennedy was being trashed?

Caroline and Teddy must rue the
day that they embraced BHO over

Camelot is history. Sherwood
Forest is in.

Hillary was spot on, regarding her
Democratic Primary positions on
the 2nd Amendment and
Commander In Chief .

Enjoy the remaining days of
winter. Temperatures will soon
be rising, a hot summer may be

Joe Sullivan

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