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Friday, August 31, 2012


NYS ASSEMBLY, District 109
Thurdsay, September 13 Noon- 9 pm

SULLIVAN v GOP Rubber Stamp

Joseph P Sullivan, an enrolled Conservative, a real Conservative
and Member of the Albany County Conservative Committee
representing the City of Albany W14 ED3 is the designated and
endorsed candidate of the Albany County Conservative Party.

Sullivan is being challenged by a GOP rubber stamp - Ted Danz
the GOP candidate for this Assembly seat. Danz, aided by an
assortment of local and state GOP operatives and plants in the
Schenectady and Albany County Conservative Committees, is
attempting to pirate the Conservative ballot line for the November
6 General Election, and ultimately gain control of the Albany
County Conservative Committee for the 2012 local elections.

This motley crew is taking advantage of relaxed absentee ballot
application rules, going around to GOP "sleepers" enrolled as
Conservatives, as well as genuine, unsuspecting Conservatives
who are asleep and not paying attention to what is going on.

Rubber stamps bearing the name of Danz are being used to
"write in" his name on the absentee ballot, where only Sullivan's
name appears because Sullivan is a real Conservative and the
designated, endorsed candidate of the Albany County Conservative

The Albany TU editorial of August 3rd called for third parties to
run their own candidates in elections, concluding that one ballot
line per candidate was sufficient.

Sullivan wrote a letter supporting that editorial which was printed
in TU letters, August 24.

Sullivan has a website that contains 7 years of posting on issues
vital to the survival of America and all Americans. This website is
read locally, statewide, nationally and worldwide"

Danz is also attempting to gain the Independence line in the
September 13 primary, where his name does appear on the
 ballot, because the local  Independence party so authorized it.

One ballot line is enough!

The 109th AD Conservative primary is the only contest in town, so all the GOP operatives can pile on in this effort to
elect a rubber stamp.

Enrolled Conservatives in the 109th AD (City of Albany,
Towns ofBethlehem, Guilderland and New Scotland) have
a clear choice in the September 13 Conservative Party -

Sullivan, a real Conservative with a Message that
all voters in the 109Th should have the opportunity
to vote on November 6


A GOP rubber stamp

The election  district vote talleys of those that vote in t
the September 13 Conservative Party Primary, 109th AD
will decide this question, as well as reveal who the GOP
sleepers in the Albany County Conservative Party are.

The OTB petition circulated to force this primary already
provided insights:

                                                               Joe Sullivan


leesa jhon said...

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Sean T said...

Got a robo-call from Ted Danz today. Will be voting Joe Sullivan on Thursday after work thanks to the info on this blog.
- Sean T.