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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Currently, we have a Campaigner in Chief
who is AWOL, allowing  our troops to be
picked off every day, by a cowardly foe, now
posing as our ally.

Biden is not fit to assume this role. He
is somewhere back in the 19th and 20th
Centuries....on the plantation, maybe?

Hillary has left the Mid East on fire in
Egypt, Libya, and now Syria. A failure
as Secretary of State. It would mean
certain defeat for Obama to dump Biden
and tap Hillary for VP.

Where have all the "Bring Home the
Troops- Now" lawn signs gone?

Romney is running for CEO. Ryan as
assistant CEO.

While the economy is on the verge of
collapse,  Israel struggles to survive
surrounded by millions of Jihadists
and Iran developing nuclear capability.

When  full scale war breaks out in the
Mid East, we will suffer severe losses
among troops on the ground and our
naval carrier task forces, which are
sitting ducks in an inland sea.

At the same time, the U S and Canada
will be helpless to repel the human
waves surging over the Yukon, The
Columbia-Snake, Yellowstone and
Missouri Rivers, in their conquest of
the timber, shale oil and coal resources
of the West, the agricultural resources
of the Great Plains and Corn Belt.

To ignore Afghanistan and foreign policy
issues  is a tragic blunder for this duo.

Take some time off, boys,  go to Afghanistan
before the upcoming  GOP convention, or
perhaps, while the Democrats hold their
convention in early September.

Fast foreward to the 21st Century
Bubba.   It's Security, Stupid! Without it
there won't be an economy!

This is no time for politics as usual. To
fail to take strong positions on security
defense, military and foreign policy issues
as well as failure to secure our borders
and root out the terrorists who dwell
among us, puts America, and all Americans
in grave peril.

                                       Joe Sullivan

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