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Sunday, August 19, 2012


The Times Union reported that
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
has introduced a bill to give
government financial aid to
illegal aliens to attend college
in New York:

Here are the Assembly
release and full
text of the Silver bill:

Joseph P Sullivan, Conservative Party
candidate for NYS Assembly, District 109
which includes the City of Albany and
Towns of Bethlehem, Guilderland and
New Scotland, said he will vote against
the Silver bill, if he wins the Conservative
Primary on Thursday, September 13
and is  elected to the State Assembly in
the November 6 General Election.

Sullivan has challenged the
Albany Common Council to repeal
Sanctuary status in the City of Albany
for illegal aliens, which the Council
passed by a 14-0 vote in 2009.

The Albany County Legislature
should pass a resolution declaring
that Albany County is not a sanctuary
for illegal aliens,  and review social
service rolls and county jail rosters to
determine how many illegal aliens are
included, Sullivan added.

The Albany City School District and
colleges and universities in Albany
County should be required, by the
County Legislature to disclose how
many illegal aliens are among the
student bodies of these institutions.

Sullivan said he would sponsor a bill
along the lines of Arizona Governor
Jan Brewer's executive order denying
driver's licenses and other public
benefits to illegal aliens who are
authorized to work under the
Obama executive order which went
into effect, last week.

Sullivan said he would also sponsor
legislation requiring photo voter ID's
and that all county boards of elections
take steps to ensure that only  U S
citizens, who are legal residents of
NY State, are listed on voter rolls
and that proof of citizenship and
legal residence be required for all
new voter registrations.

Silver was quoted as saying: "we
don't have enough engineers and
scientists in this country"

We are not going to find them
among the tens of millions of
illegals who have unlawfully
invaded our land, said Sullivan.

Most illegals are uneducated
unskilled. Those that work off
the books, don't pay taxes.
Many are driving without
valid driver's licenses and
insurance. Many are engaged
in gangs, the drug trade and
other criminal activities.

The rule of law must prevail
in America, and violations
of the law must not be rewarded
if America is to remain a Nation.

Illegal immigration is a real
threat to survival of nations.

Consider Greece:
                                   Joe Sullivan

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