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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


As another Patrick's Day is
nearing a dawn in America
my thoughts drift over the
Atlantic to the Beara Peninsula
of West Cork.

My roots run deep in Beara
and I am fortunate to have
many relations there.

O Sullivan ancestors and relations
include following branches of the
clan:  Sounish (Killaugh - Western
Parish), Shearhig,-Coulagh Ard
Sean Vil Anna -Inchinteskin, Cohu
in Faunkill, Ni Hurrig-Cahirkeem
all in the Northern (Eyeries) Parish
Mhicil Anna Boy -Downey in
Adrigole, Keach and Raibach in
the Tuosist (Kerry) Parish.

Harrington ancestors and relations
include: The Caobachs of  Goulane
Uxside, Derrivore, Kilcatherine
all in the Eyeries Parish, and the
Causkey's of Allihies and Dursey-
Western Parish; and Eyeries Parish.

Then there are the Murphy-
Maheesh in Inchinteskin-
Coulagh Ard.

Not to forget the Crowleys' Hanley's
Hartnett's, Powers, Houlihans,
McCarthy's, Dennehy's, Kellys
Cronins and Lowneys.

Needless to say, I am very proud
of them all, as well of those who
were among the "Wild Geese"
who fought in the armies of
Europe at places like Fontenoy
and Culloden, or the Regiments
of England the world over as
well the French and Indian
Revolutionary, Mexican and
Civil Wars in America as
well as the Great War, WWII
Burma, Korea and Vietnam.

Those who went down to the
sea in ships.

Those who went to Australia
New Zealand, Africa, South
America , The Middle East
South and East Asia.

Those who went to the mining
camps of the American West
including, Virginia City, the
Washoe, Cripple Creek, Butte
Tonopah, Rhyolite and the Yukon.

Those who went ranching in
Nebraska, South Dakota and
Montana, or sheep herding in

Those who went mining copper
in the UP Michigan or farming
in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa 
or digging canals and building

Those that landed in places
like Boston, Fall River, The
Five Points/Bowery of New
York, Quebec, Ontario, St Johns
Spokane, Portland, Seattle
Chicago, San Francisco and LA.

Those who went to fight for

Those who landed in Charleston
by way of Barbados and the
Caribbean Islands, or New Orleans
and fanned out to Tennessee
Kentucky, the Great Lakes
region,  Texas and the frontier
where many served in the
U S Cavalry as well as the CSA.

Thanks be to God that their
bloods flow in my veins.

May those who are gone never
be forgotten. May those who
carry on, live up to their
tradition and fight for liberty
whereever they be.

A Blessed Patrick's Day to all.

                  Joe Sullivan

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