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Thursday, March 29, 2012


In the past few weeks 16 NATO
soldiers have been  shot and killed
by Afghan army and police "allies".

Guardian Angels are now
assigned to watch over our
troops while they sleep and
go about daily activities:
All the valiant U S and other
NATO troops serving in
Afghanistan are sitting ducks
for attacks by  Taliban and
Al Qaida operatives who
have infiltrated the ranks
of Afghan soldiers and police
who we are training and
who are supposed to be our
Worse still, our troops in
large concentrations on
fixed bases are prime
targets for Iranian missles.
This is a no win situation.
Time to withdraw and
redeploy our troops to
the Mexican border and
End all assistance to
Afghans and Pakistan.
We cannot trust either.
India can deal with
Pakistan and replace
NATO in Afghanistan.
America needs a Guardian
Angel as Commander in Chief.
Time to relieve the current
imposter of command.
He has failed to secure our
borders and ports.
Tens of millions of illegal
aliens, among the Al Qiada
and assorted Jihadists have
invaded our homeland and
are running amok, plotting
our demise.
Leftist, progressive, politically
correct Democratic Governors
and elected officials at county
and city/town levels afford
these illegals sancutary status
placing us all at greater risk.
The illegal alien problem is
a trojan horse that can bring
America down.
U S Immigration policy has
to be revised. No admittance
from countries that spawn
Their American born offsprings
are often "citizen Jihadists".
Other native born anti-social
malcontents, including
gangbangers and the like, are
natural allies of the Jihadists.
A terrorist is just a terrorist
whether foreign or native
The local Democratic organization
met tonight. Viewing the tv
coverage, one can not but conclude
that these people have not a clue
of what grave danger we are all
They are sure to trip over
themselves supporting the
Imposter in Chief for reelection.
The media will promote it
all, reaping a windfall of
campaign cash that keeps
them in print and on the air.
Partyline lemmings all!
We have no General
George Patton
to save America.
Save yourselves, if you can.
                                 Joe Sullivan

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