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Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Congressman Paul Tonko has
a profile:

and a record :

Homeland Security, health care
the economy, immigration and
upholding the Constitution
are priority issues in the 2012

Tonko on homeland security:

Tonko has an announced
challenger who is petitioning
to get on the Republican and
Conservative ballot lines for
the June 26  congressional
primaries.. Bob Dieterich.

Dieterich has the support
of most 20th CD Republican
and Conservative county

This means Dieterich will
likely emerge with the
Republican and Conservative
ballot lines  June 26
unless another candidate
submits valid petitions by
April 16, to qualify for the

Dieterich is an enrolled
Republican  who qualifies
for that ballot line June 26
so long as he submits the
requisite number of valid
petition signatures - 938.

To qualify for the Conservative
ballot line, Dieterich must
obtain at the valid signatures
of at least 3.75 percent of
the active enrolled Conservative
voters in the new 20th CD
which includes all of
Albany and Schenectady
counties, and parts of Saratoga
Rennselaer and Montgomery

In addition, the State Conservative
Party organization must issue
a certificate permitting Dieterich
to appear on the June 26 primary

A primary would occur if an
enrolled Conservative were to
submit the the required number
of valid petition signatures by
April 16.

No authorization of the state
Conservative Party organization
would be needed since the
petitioner is an enrolled

Bob Dieterich is a nice guy
a military veteran, a family
man and a banker.

How does Bob measure up
in comparison to Paul Tonko
in terms of profile and most
importantly on key issues
in the most important election
of our time.. when the survival
of America, and all Americans
are on the line?

Judge for yourselves:

Now, there is an enrolled
Conservative, who is not such
a nice guy, but, who has  a
record and very clear stands
on key issues of the day.

If he could qualify for the
Conservative ballot line
and obtain some financial
support, he would be a
formidable challenger
to Tonko.

Hint: Hi Ho Silver.
Read: lonerangeralbany
and judge for yourselves.

It is up to enrolled Conservatives
in the CD. If they want
one of their own to carry the
Conservative Party ballot line
in the June 26th primary and
November 6 General Election
they can make it happen.

Or will Conservatives be content
to be simply an adjunct ,of one
or the other, of the two major
political parties?

If not, yours truly will have
to be content with doing his
part in state and city politics.

C'est la vie.
                        Joe Sullivan

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