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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Our troops in Afghanistan can't trust
those that we are training to take over
Afghan security.

Time to go home. Now!  Let Afghans
fend for themselves, as they have for

Our troop concentrations are sitting
ducks for Iranian missles, which if
they come into play, will cause huge

Leave now, while there is time to
avoid this scenario.

Back on the home front, which has
become the front line in the war
on is also an issue.

Because of failure of of federal
and state governments to secure
our borders and deal with the
security threat that is a result
of millions of illegal aliens
invading our land; as well as
many  legal immigrants and
their American born offspring
who are sleeper terrorists...
plotting and planning our

We are at risk from attack
from within.

Our foes are circling us
like sharks.

Iran is collaborating with
Venezueala to build missle
launching sites capable of
reaching cities in the U S
and Canada.

The Mexican government
is collaborating with China.

North Korea and Pakistan
are two unstable nations
with nukes.

Iran will soon have nuclear
weapons capability, if not
already having it.

China is building it's navy
while our navy is in decline.

Who is tracking Chinese
submarines and surface
ships capable to launching
missles at North American
cities and targets?

America and all Americans
are in grave danger.

Leftist politicians, their media
allies and their Lemming like
followers/supporters are blind
to the risks we face.

So - who are we to trust here
on the homefront/frontline?
The politicians? The media?
College/university faculty?
Public school teachers?

Those who have come to our
shores legally and illegally
from lands and cultures that
condone Jihad?

Make no mistake. Security
is the paramount issue in
the 2012 elections.

Existing politicians are
unwilling/unable to ensure
our security. Most of those
who seek to be elected this
year, are no better.

Success in the business world
alone, does not translate to being
an effective political leader
at this time, when the survival
of America and all Americans
are at stake.

Wise up people! This is no
time for politics as usual, nor
for political correctness that
is blind to these realities.

Take a hard look at the
incumbents and challengers.
Do any make you feel safe?

Who among them has a
clear understanding of
what is at stake? Who
has the ability to lead
us to security, to restore
our Constitutional
Republic and to restore
our economy?

Who do you trust?

                      Joe Sullivan

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