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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The 20th Congressional District
2012 priorities include:

1. Relieving the inept Commander
in Chief of command

2. Repealing Obama care

3. Sending Paul Tonko into a
    well deserved retirement

4. Securing the Mexican

5. Immediate withdrawal
    of our troops from

    It is a tribal area, not
    a nation. We can not
    trust those Afghans
    we a training to take
    over their own security.

    As long as Pakistan
    harbors Taliban and
    Al Qaida we are wasting
    lives and spending huge
    sums of money for naught.

    Our rationale for being
    in Afghanistan was and
    is to deny the above a
    training ground.

   Ironically, by remaining
   there, we're providing
   them with lots of training.

   Failure to secure our
   borders has resulted
   in the U S A now being
   the prime terrorist
   training ground for
   our foes who have
   invaded our land and
   dwell among us
   planning and plotting
   our demise.

   The Homefront has
   become the front line
   in the war of terror.

   Bring the troops home
   and put them to work
   securing the Mexican

6. Increase the size and
    capability of our Navy
    and Air Force.

    Like the Slater our
    Navy will soon be
    designated historical
    unless we act now.

7. Security is the Priority
    issue at the national
    state and local levels.

    When we are not safe
     there will be no
     economy or economic

8. Emergency/Disaster
    Preparedness is a
    priority for all.

    Save yourselves.
    Government can't
    and won't.

9. Oil is the lifeblood
    of our economy and
    way of life.

    Build the  Keystone
    pipeline to bring oil
    from Canada!

10. As back up
    develop natural
    gas and clean coal

11. Build light rail
     lines to connect
     Saratoga with
     the Cities of
     Albany, Troy
     Schenectady, so
     people will be
     able to commute
     when oil becomes
     too expensive, or
     not available at
     any price.

12. Can the Hudson
      River PCB dredging

      Reallocate the
      money and
      manpower to
      rebuilding aging
      water/sewer systems
      in Albany, Troy
      Watervliet, Cohoes.

13. Tap into the 765
       KV power line
       that will bring
       Quebec hydro
       electric power
       to NYC.

      Use this electricity
      to promote economic
      development and
      jobs, as well as for
      home heating.

14. Safeguard our local
      reservoirs and acquifers.

15. Overhaul the whole
      food stamp program.
      Phase out EBT cards
      limit purchases to
      basic foods essential
      to survival.

      Return to a monthly
      distribution of surplus
      commodities including
      milk, cheese, butter
      oatmeal, flour, peanut
      butter, potatoes, carrots
      turnips, rice  etc.

      Farmers, not grocery
      chains will be kept in

      If there are no farms
      or farmers, there will
      be no food.

      Obesity will cease
      to be a concern.

16.  Reduce government

17.  End government
       of our lives and

18.  Uphold the U S and
        NYS Constitutions.

19.  Iran must not get
       nuclear weapons.

       Nor, should Iran
       be allowed to put
       missles in Venezuela
       within easy reach of
       cities in U S & Canada.

20.  Save Social Security
       and Medicare for those
       who pay into it during
       their working years.

       By rebuilding our
       cities, transportation
       and utility infrastructures
       and our manufacturing
       and agricultural bases
       more people will have
       jobs and there will be
       more people paying
       into these programs
       sustaining them

Scroll through past years
of lonerangeralbany blog
entries for much more.

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problems that result from
google blogger interface

The above is a clear agenda.

Now, all you need is a
candidate who will act on

Petitioning to qualify for
the ballot begins March
20. Filing date is April 10.

Call me at 438 5230 if
you wish to participate.
Petition witnesses must be
enrolled Conservatives
or Notary Publics/
Commissioners of Deeds.

Time is short. Our futures
and that of our Nation
hinge on the outcome of
the 2012 election.

There won't be any
second chances.

We need people in
office who put America
and their constituents
before political party
and political power.

                    Joe Sullivan


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