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Friday, January 11, 2013


Politicians who, by their actions, threaten
our security, life, liberty and pursuit of
happiness: who do not live up to their
oaths of office to support and uphold
the Constitution , and who support efforts
to radically transform America, are not
worthy of holding public office.

Where the law permits, impeach or recall
them now.

In New York, vote them out, when they
are up for election. Begin with the 2013
local elections, then complete the task
in the 2014 elections when we elect
Representatives in Congress, a Governor
Comptroller, Attorney General, State
Senators and Members of the State

The current rush to disarm law abiding
citizens by legislation, executive orders
and court rulings that erode the  intent
of  the Second Amendment, are a threat
to the security of every American and
to our national security.

Government can not save us. We must
save ourselves, our government and

It is imperative that we elect public
office holders that will uphold the
Constitution, repeal Obamacare
secure our borders, and reverse all
executive orders, laws and regulations
that are part of the "progressive"
agenda to radically transform America.

Elect candidates to public office who
promote policies that will restore our
economy, put people back to work
reduce, not increase, taxes; reduce
spending and return to smaller, less
intrusive government at all levels -
federal, state and local.

Those we elect to public office are
to serve and represent us - not to rule
us. Not to divide, but to unite us. Not
to control every aspect of our lives
but to promote liberty.

Vote out those who threaten our
security and  the security of America!

To do this requires candidates who
put America first, before blind party

It requires voters who do the same
and who make every effort to cast
informed votes, at elections, rather
than relying on a media opinions
and mindless tv/radio ads, mailers
and the like.

Stand up for America, your life
liberty and pursuit of happiness
and that of your loved ones.

Don't let America slip away at
226 years.

                             Joe Sullivan


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