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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Elected officeholders from the
President on down take an oath
to uphold the Constitution.

Jihadists, drug dealers, illegal
aliens, gangbangers, criminals
of all sorts, and misguided
leftists (progressives) support
disarming law abiding citizens
and trashing the Second Amendment.

The President, Members of Congress
Governors ,and all elected officials
that advocate disarming law abiding
citizens are, in effect, trashing the
Constitution, they all swear to uphold
when they take office.

Trash the Second Amendment, and
the First Amendment, and the rest of
the Constitution, and Bill of Rights
will not be far behind.

All that stands between a dictatorship
and chaos in times of disaster, natural
and man made, in America, is the Second
Amendment and an armed, law abiding

The Second Amendment is key to
national security and the  security
and self defense of the citizenry.

Government can't save us. We must
save ourselves, our government and

The Founders had it right. The slew
of Democratic political officerholders
have it wrong.

Go after the perps, not the law abiding

                              Joe Sullivan

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