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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Their media performances were
 second rate, but transparent.

They, their court jesters,  and camp
followers, have shamefully exploited
the Newtown massacre to further
their professed objective of
fundamentally transforming America.

Trampling the Second Amendment
Constitution and Bill of Rights
disarming law abiding citizens to
prevent those citizens from defending
themselves from assaults by criminals
be they street thugs or  political

Americans have short memories.
Remember any of these actions
by government?

How many men, women and children were
killed in this massacre?

Further back in history, what about :
Wounded Knee and the Cherokee trail of tears?

Do not look to the courts for
justice. They are, in essence
political appointees of the king
and prince.

The people must restore our
Constitutional Republic  through
informed voting in 2013 local
elections and 2014 federal/state elections.
Identify, support and elect candidates
who uphold the Constitution and who
recognize that they are elected to
represent - not rule us.

Inform yourselves and vote accordingly
in the primaries and general elections
of 2013 and 2014.

Your life, liberty, pursuit of happiness
and your country are on the line.

Nothing less than 100 percent turnout
of resident, citizen voters will do!

                                       Joe Sullivan

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