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Saturday, January 19, 2013


5,000, or more, Patriots took time
from their families, on a sunny, but
cold January day to attend the rally
at the State Capitol in Albany in
support  of our Second Amendment
and Constitution; and calling for
repeal of the recently enacted NY
law which infringes on the Second
Amendment rights of law abiding
American citizens.

Repeal that law, the legislators who
voted for it, and the Governor who
promoted and signed it into law!
Nor, was local Congressman Tonko
anywhere in sight.

No elected officials from the City
and County of Albany were seen
at the rally. Town officials either.

Vote them out. The latter in 2013
and the former in 2014.

Any elected official who puts
blind party allegiance before
America, our Constitution, does
not merit reelection. Primary
them and vote in November
elections for candidates who
support our Constitution and
Bill of Rights.

It is the duty of every American
to restore our Constitutional

                      Joe Sullivan

1 comment:

Carl4TeaPartyPower said...

We were peaceful...this time.

Dont tread on Me.

I us not armed.

This time.

Dont tread on ME!

I will not comply!