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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Welcome to your world. An America
fundamentally transformed by a king
and a prince who rule by fiat. Their
actions endorsed by court jesters
(congress and state legislature) elected
by partyline faithful (you-dumb asses).

The Constitution has been trampled
under foot. Law abiding citizens disarmed.
Our Republic transformed into a monarchy.
Your representatives are now your rulers.
They will decide your medical care.  Wise
up tarts.Your bodies are not your own.
They belong to the government. The fruits
of your labor (income, home and possessions)
as well.

Soon, you will be living in the dark
(no electricity),  in cold, damp
mud huts, without heat, running
water and sanitation; subsisting on
government rations (food stamps).

Uniform of the day-sack cloth.

Your mode of transportation- donkeys.

(Poetic justice?)

All of us are now serfs, thanks to the
stupdilty of partyline camp followers
bolstered by criminals and illegal
aliens who voted without background
checks, as well as college students
who voted twice- at their homes of
origin and in communities wherein
their schools are located.

America fundamentally (radically)

Our military has been neutered
by the King who crows about
being Commander in Chief - who
never served a day in the military.

By his own proclamation he intends
to establish a civilian force that is
stronger and better armed than the

You will be vulnerable and defenseless
because you have been disarmed by
your "elected" rulers.

Any clue who will comprise the
King's guard?

They soon may be quartered and
fed by you in your homes.

The worst is yet to come. Your
incompetent rulers have failed to
secure our borders. Illegal aliens
including OTM'S (Jihadists), drug
dealers, gangbangers, by the tens
of millions, now run wild in America.

America and New York are now
by government fiat and inaction
sanctuaries for illegal aliens, including
the OTM's.

When they begin their coordinated
attacks, civil disorder and anarchy
will prevail. Law abiding citizens
will be vulnerable and defenseless
because they have been disarmed
by rules of engagement promulgated
by the King, Prince and their court

The Jihadists, illegal aliens, criminals
gangbangers, drug dealers, and assorted
anti social malcontents do not obey
gun laws or any other laws. They will
have the ability to dispose of the King
Prince and court jesters, making way for
our new rulers.

Sharia will be the law of the land.
Bikinis will yield to burkas.

The America we knew and loved
will be no more.

The only defense you have left
are the 2013 local elections and
the 2014 federal and state elections.

We must field candidates who put
America before blind partyline
allegiance. Informed voters  who
do the same.

Take back our local governments
in 2013 , the House and Senate
in 2014 . These will be our last
chances to save our Constitutional
Republic and ourselves.

                          Joe Sullivan