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Friday, January 4, 2013


Tuned in Talk radio 1300, Albany
this morning.

Albany Mayor Jennings advocated
a national gun registry for all guns
and gun owners - to deal with problem
of illegal guns locally.

Called in and urged the Mayor to
reconsider his position.

Reminded the Mayor that he and
all other elected officials take an
oath to uphold the U S Constitution.

A national registry of guns and gun
owners would violate the Constitution
and not make us more safe.

The Russians are building an AK47
factory in Venezuela. Our southern
border is wide open and our country
has been invaded by tens of millions
of illegal aliens, including many who
are Jihadists, sworn to destroy our
Nation and us.

Our federal government (President
and Congress) have failed in their
Constitutional responsibility to keep
America and all Americans safe.

Secure our borders and ports - now!

How about a national registry of
all the illegal aliens now in the U S?

Recommended that the Mayor should
should focus on  things he can do
locally, to keep us safe:

*Call on the Albany Common Council
to rescind the 2007 resolution declaring
Albany a sanctuary city (for illegal aliens).

* Go after " comunity guns" and those
who use "illegal guns" to commit crimes.
Hand guns, not rifles, are used in such

* Disarm gangbangers and drug dealers
who are the allies of foreign terrorists.

Next hour, on talk 1300, I was astounded
to hear, otherwise rational commentator
F U Dicker opine that  the failure of
Republican Party candidates to prevail
nationally and statewide in the 2012
elections is because they were socially

To the contrary, the Republicans failed
because they were not conservative
enough and because they failed to
clearly define why voters should have
elected them, rather than reelecting
those who are radically tranforming
(and destroying) America.

Dicker proposed that candidates
be economically conservative and
socially liberal to win over young
people, women and others who
support abortion.

Dicker said returning to the 1950's
is not the way to win elections.

To the contrary, America was a better
place in the 1950's.

In sum, there is a clear link betrween
abortion and the gun violence that we
deplore today -  no respect for life.

Uphold the Constitution and  the right
of every person to "life, liberty and the
pursuit of happiness"  which are God
given, not given by government!

                             Joe Sullivan


Carl4TeaPartyPower said...

I am sharing this one Joe. Well said Patriot. Carl G. Jr.

Carl4TeaPartyPower said...

"1. Mayor Jennings has served
Albany for 20 years. He should
seek re-election in 2013 because
he is the person best qualified
to be Mayor at this critical time
in the history of the City of Albany."

I dis agree. I think 20 years is enough. Retire Jerry, and hand it over to Lenny if you know whats good for Albany.