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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Idea of smaller learning communities
is a sound educational goal.

Maybe we do not need a renovated central
High School Campus.

Divide high school students into specialized
career path communities based on interests
abilities and objectives of students who have
mastered language, literacy skills, as well
as mechanical aptitudes and genuine desire
to learn.

Locate these smaller learning centers at
various locations in the city, utilizing
suitable existing spaces that require a
minimum of outfitting. Partner with
employers and organizations that will
offer such spaces and mentoring.

The 50 percent drop out rate is not
addressed by the school board in this

What is to be done regarding these
individuals who do not value learning
and who make little or no effort to
learn or behave in a manner conducive
to learning by students who do want
to learn?

With the Mayor calling for reassessment
and increasing city property taxes for
homeowners, this is no time for the
school board to present a 200 million
dollar renovation plan for the city
high school.

An increase in city property taxes
will follow with a similar increase
in school property taxes.

Enough already!

What about merging the city schools
with city government, providing one
tax roll to finance both?

With the Mayor and Common Council
responsible/accountable for both?

What about returning to a K-8
neighborhood city school system?

Education is a local matter . Feds
and Common Core be gone!

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                           Joe Sullivan


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