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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Cast informed ballots.

Toss out incumbents who
blindly follow the Obama
agenda to fundamentally
(radically) change America.

Vote for candidates who
put America before party.

Vote for candidates who
will restore our Constitutional
Republic and our Liberty.

Write in (print) Joe Sullivan
for NYS Senate District 44

Cities of Albany, Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet. Towns of Colonie
Bethlehem and New Scotland.

Be sure to fill in the oval when
you print Joe Sullivan in the
write in space for NYS Senate.

Read my posts on this website
for October, September and
the few in August and July of
this year. 

You can search my website
for posts on issues vital to
the survival of America and
all Americans.

Compare my posts with what
Neil Breslin has to say about
these issues and what his
positions are.

you know.

We can do this!

Thank you.

                                Joe Sullivan

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