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Friday, October 17, 2014


Public safety and security is
a priority in the City of Albany
in light of terrorism threats and
the likelihood that the Port of
Albany and oil trains are prime

Balance Albany city budget and
provide real property tax relief 
to Albany homeowners/small
businesses by demanding that
the Governor and State Legislature
agree to making the annual
$11.5 million annual PILOTS
(payments in lieu of taxes) to
the City of Albany for the
Harriman State Office Campus
before the November 4 election.

The Mayor and Common Council
must stop going to the state hat in
hand begging for crumbs.

CSEA, PEF and state workers
need to support this demand as
well as voter residents of the City
and County of Albany. County
Executive and County Legislators.

No PILOT agreement by November
4 - no votes!  

For incumbents seeking reelection
to Congress, Governor, and State 
Legislature November 4, 2014!

                             Joe Sullivan

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