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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Read analysis of Marine General
John Kelly , Cmdr, Southern Command
regarding the threat Ebola poses
for Americans. 

The President and Congress have
failed to secure our Southern border
putting America, and all Americans
in peril.

The Community Organizer in Chief
is playing politics with our lives and
the future of America.

He has broken and disregarded our
immigration laws,  condoning illegal
immigration  and bringing tens of
thousands of illegals here and distributing
them around the country, along with
the diseases they carry. We are seeing 
a resurgence of polio, drug resistant
TB and a variety of exotic diseases
and illnesses, as a direct result.

He has erred in sending our military
to Ebola locations in West Africa.
thereby exposing them and their
relations to  Ebola.

He has failed to suspend commercial
air travel from those places, and bar
arrivals of any individuals from those
lands to the U S via air, sea or land.

Congress must act immediately
to remove this incompetent from
command - without delay!

Here in New York, the voters
have the opportunity  November 4
-maybe their last-
to remove Members of Congress
a Governor and State Legislators
who support/advocate  sanctuary
policies for the more than 3 million
illegal aliens who have invaded
or state, cities and local communities.

The City of Albany Common Council
must rescind it's 2007 Resolution
making sanctuary status for illegals

The Mayor should concur.

The County Legislature should
deny sanctuary to illegals as a
matter of public policy.

The County Executive should 

The illegal alien invasion puts
all New Yorkers at risk and is
a matter of public safety and
security, that must not be ignored.

                              Joe Sullivan

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