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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

NOVEMBER 4, 2014


Prop One: a politically
appointed redistricting
body is NOT independent.

Prop Two: Electronic
production of legislative
bills is subject to abuse
by hackers, computer
crashes, malware, etc.

Legislators do not read
bills, whether they be
produced in hard copy
or electronically.

There are simply too
many bills introduced.

Strictly limit the number
of bills that can be introduced
by a legislator, and require
that a bill have both Assembly
and Senate sponsorship before
it can be printed.

Prop Three:  Waste of millions to
buy computers , I pads and related
devices that will be obsolete many 
years before the date the bond act 
be paid for.

Here in Albany deal with the
50 percent school drop out rate
and concentrate on graduating
students that can read, write
speak and think.

                          Joe Sullivan

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