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Sunday, July 18, 2010


I do not support the Obama-Pelosi-Tonko
agenda to radically transform America.

My objectives  are:
(1) to win the 21st District
Congressional seat, November 2
(2) to vote out Nancy Pelosi as
House Speaker
(3) vote to Impeach you
(4) vote to repeal Obamacare

and vote No on -

a) cap and trade
b) amnesty for illegal aliens
c) a VAT tax

(5) to vote for and support:

(a)  securing our borders/ports
(b) extending the so called
"Bush Tax cuts"
(c) rebuilding and expanding our
 conventional rail system, including
 light rail, to move
 freight and passengers
(d) rebuilding our domestic
manufacturing capacity
(e) expanding agricultural
production and food processing
for both domestic and export
(f) developing clean coal energy to
meet future residential, commercial
and transportation needs when oil
becomes no longer affordable or
available at any price
(g) rebuilding our merchant fleet
ports and waterways.

All of these initiatives will create
real jobs, putting Americans back
to work and reinvigorate our economy.

I support the U.S. Constitution and a
Congress that is not a rubber stamp
for you, or any other President.

I support a strong national defense
and restoring NASA.

                                Joe Sullivan

                                Conservative for Congress
                                21st District  New York