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Friday, July 30, 2010


Heavily engaged with enemy forces.

Outnumbered. Out gunned. No relief
column in sight.

Filed my Conservative Petition for
Representative in Congress with the
NYS Board of Elections in Albany.

General and Specific objections were
filed by Republican Party operatives
seeking to have the Board  knock me
off the ballot on the grounds that my
petition does not contain the required
number of valid signatures.  The GOP
followed up with an Order to Show Cause
returnable in State Supreme Court  on
August 3, asking the court to compell the
State Board of Elections to declare my
petition invalid. 

I filed counter objections calling for the
Board to invalidate the petitions of GOP
candidate Danz, an enrolled Republican
who is also seeking to have the Conservative
ballot line.

My Objections have disappered off the
radar screen, because they are based
on the fact that the petitions of Danz for
the GOP and Conservative ballot lines,
and those of  Incumbent Tonko for the
Democratic and Independence Party
do not correctly identify the public
office they seek -  Representative in
Congress, 21st Congressional District
New York.

My authority for this objection is the
U S Constitution - the supreme law of
our land, in particular,  Art 1, Sections
1, 2, 3 and 4 .

Sec. 1 provides that there shall be a
legislative, known as Congress, composed
of 2 houses. The Senate and House of

Sec. 2 Those elected to the House of
Representatives are Representatives.

Sec. 3 Those elected to the Senate are

Sec. 4 says that elections for Senators
and Representatives "shall be prescribed
in each State by the Legislature thereof.."

The websites of the NYS Board of Elections
correctly identify the public office I seek
as - Representative in Congress, 21st
Congressional District, NY.

Danzs' Republican and Conservative
party petitions and Tonkos' Democratic
and Independence Party petitions state
they are candidates for Member of Congress.

Congress is not a political country club
for the likes of Incumbent Tonko, or wanna
be member Danz, who show no clear
understanding of the public office they
hold or seek.

Representative in Congress has clear
meaning. A Representative is elected
by the people of a specific Congressional
District in a specific State, to represent
the people of that district.

I objected to the Conservative and
Independence Party Wilsion Pakula
Certificates of Authorization for Danz
and Tonko, on the same grounds.

I have date/time stamped copies of
all of the objections I have filed with
the State Board of Elections, which I
shall present before the Court August

I did not object to the Working Families
Party petition designating Paul Tonko
as their candidate. WFP is Acorn -
is Obama and is where Tonko belongs.

I believe that Americans who support
Obama, Tonko and Acorn should have
the opportunity to vote for that team.

I also believe, that Americans who
identify and support what I represent
should have the opportunity to vote
for me as Conservative candidate to
represent  them as Representative in

That decision now rests with the
Commissioners of the State Board of
Elections who must decide whether
or not I will be on the Conservative
ballot for Congress, and the State
Supreme Court.

There is not a lawyer in sight  who
will step in and represent me.  The
cost factor has kicked in. I can not
afford the price of a lawyer qualified
and comptent to take on this case.

There are few lawyers that can afford
to put their careers on the line by
taking a case that pits them against
the powerful political forces that feed

It will be interesting to see which Judge
gets this case, and how that Judge rules.

For after all,  Judges (members) of
the judiciary are also creatures of the
political powers that be.

I am an enrolled Conservative
backed by Richie Stack and the Albany
County Conservative Party organization.

However, the State Conservative Party
Leader Mike Long, aligned with a guy
named Big Al, a former U S Senator
and now bigtime  lobbyist in Washington
and Albany, is backing Rick Lazio and

Long and the GOP are seeking to knock
out Stack as well. They challenged his
slate of 21st Congressional District
Conservative Party State Committee

Stack opposed the State Party giving
the Conservative nod to Rick Lazio at
the party convention in June.

Stack backed Conservative leader Ralph
Lorigo, of Western New York, who is
aligned with Carl Paladino.

Lorigo received enough votes at the
Conservative convention to qualify for
the September 14 Conservative Party
primary for Governor, without having
to petition to get on the ballot.

So,  September 14th,  Lorigo,  a real
Conservative faces Lazio, a Rhino who
has made millions as a lobbyist. And
will make millions more after he takes
the count in November - that is if Lazio
is not beaten by Paladino in the GOP
primary, and by Lorigo, in the Conservative
primary, September 14.

Lazio and Danz, among others have
been selected by puppetmaster Big Al
to run a pretend election, while Big Al
is banking on Andrew to win the
Governor's contest, November 2. Al
figures he will cash in on this deal.
Lazio and Danz  will be taken care of.

As I have said many times, the futures
of America, and all Americans are on the
line this election year of 2010.

We are beset by foreign and domestic
enemies who seek to control us and take
away our liberties,

The American public is largely apathetic.
Those that care feel helpless to change the
course of events. Many are indifferent or
without hope. Many are blissfully unaware
of the dire straits that America, and all
Americans, are in.

When the ship goes down, all hands will
go with it.

I am gratified that this blog is being read
widely in many states of these United States
and many nations round the world, including
Canada, Ireland, Portugal, Brazil, Argentina
Russia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and

Sadly, it is not paid much heed to by the
local media and virtually unknown or unread
by the people of the 21st Congressional District.

When I was a young lad of 17, I asked my
father to sign me into the Navy so I could
serve my Country. Now, more than the
a half century later, I am now, what some
would say, and old man; but I am still ready
and willing to serve my Country as
Representative in Congress, 21st Congressional
District, New York.

Will I get the chance?  My fate, and that of
America, is in God's Hands.

PS. To the media. There are still about 2 weeks
left to get an Independent candidate on the ballot
for Congress. 3,500 valid signatures of voters
resident in the 21st Congressional District are
required. A tall order for one man. But, there
are nearly a half million voters in the 21st

I am petitioning for the  Independent Taxpayer
Party ballot line Party. If I obtain the required
3,500 signatures in the next two weeks, I would
be on the November 2nd ballot.

This is not for me. This is for America, and you.

                                                   Joe Sullivan

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