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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Three candidates have filed petitions
to be on the ballot in New York's 21st
Congressional District.

Incumbent Paul Tonko, Democrat has
filed Democratic, Independence and
Working Families Party petitions.

Theodore Danz Jr, Republican, has
filed Republican and Conservative

Yours truly, Joe Sullivan , Conservative
filed only for the Conservative ballot

When a candidate is not an enrolled
member of the political party or parties
for which petitions are filed. That
candidate must file a Certificate of
Acceptance and the political party(s)

must file a Certificate of Authorization
(Wilson-Pakula) which permits
candidates, not enrolled in that party
to have that ballot line in an election.

Accordingly, Democrat Tonko  and
Republican Danz file certificates of
acceptance for the third party ballot
lines they are seeking. The parties
filed the required certificates of

As a result of the above, one party
primary would result in the
Conservative Party, September 14.

Danz, and his GOP mentors, were
not content to let Conservative Party
members decide if they wanted as
their candidate, fellow Conservative
Party member, Sullivan, or Republican

Rarely, do any of the minor political
parties in New York present one of
their own members as a candidate.
Usually, third party ballot lines go
to either a Democrat or Republican.

Conventional political wisdom is that
Incumbent Tonko would benefit from
having two challengers split opposition
votes in the November 2 General

That is not the case in the contest for
the 21st Congressional District.

Danz is the weaker of the two Tonko
challengers. He does not know the issues
and does not write or speak well. Danz
has presented no sound rationale why
he is a candidate. Nor has Danz clearly
indicated how he would vote and what
alternative options to the Obama agenda
to radically transform America, Danz

Sullivan is clearly the most able
prepared, conservative and independent.

Compare the websites of   Sullivan
( which
is written by himself and contains much
more substance and more specific stands
on a larger variety of vital issues, than
the Danz website which is written and
arranged by GOP puppetmasters and
and very vague on a few issues that are
feeble attempts to match what appears
on this website.

Danz would be no match for Tonko in
a forum or debate.

Why does Danz want the Conservative
ballot line? Why is he not content to
have the Republican line and make
his case on that ballot line? Why doesn't
Danz own up to the fact that he is by
far the weaker and least skilled and
least prepared , of the two Tonko
challengers, to take on Tonko?  Ask
Danz that question.

Tonko would prefer to have Danz as
his sole challenger because Danz is
an easy mark.

The 21st District is a predominantly
Democratic district, with Albany County
as it's geographic and political center.
The Democratic base is conservative but
doesn't vote in primaries. Thus, left wing
Democrats are more numerous in public

Tonko hails from the far reaches of
the district. Tonko made the fatal mistake
of endorsing Mayor Jennings' challenger
fellow leftist, Shawn Morris, in the 2009
Albany mayoral race.

Tonko is a rubber stamp for the Obama
Pelosi agenda of radically transforming
America. As a result he is not popular.
In addition, he has not represented the
people of the 21st district well in his
freshman term.

Sullivan being on the Conservative ballot
line is more likely to draw votes of the
more numerous Democrats in the 21st
District, than Danz on the Republican
line, November 2.

Let's get back to the immediate purpose
of this post. Let the people decide from
among the three candidates who have
filed petitions for the 21st Congressional

Danz , and his GOP handlers, have filed
objections arguing that the Sullivan petition
should be declared invalid and Sullivan
denied the opportunity to be in this race
on the grounds that of not having sufficient
signatures to qualify for the ballot.

Danz, and his GOP handlers, have brought
a court action in Supreme Court asking for
the Court to make this finding and to restrain
the State Board of Elections Commissioners
from placing Sullivan's name on the ballot.

This case is scheduled for August 3rd.
Sullivan has requested that it be adjourned
until the Commisioner's at the State Board
have made their determination.

The Sullivan petition is the only one of
the would be candidates in the 21st District
to correctly identify the public office -
Representative In Congress, based on the
Supreme law of our land, Art 1, Sections 1, 2
3 and 4.; and on the websites of the State
Board and Albany County, Boards of Elections
which correctly identify that to be the title
of the public office in question.

Sullivan, is withholding legal action pending
the State Election Commissioners' decisions
regarding all petitions submitted.

The Courts are already overloaded . The
outcome of competing court actions could
be that Danz and Sullivan are knocked off
the ballot and Tonko is left standing
minus the Democratic and Independence
lines and with only the Working Families
Party line. This would result in Tonko
being reelected by default and would
provide voters of the 21st Congressional
District no choice on November 2nd.

It might be said that all the petitions submitted
in this district contest are flawed in one way
or another.

The intent of the State Election Law is to
provide an organized method of ballot access.
Not to deny candidates ballot access. Thus,
Commissioners are to liberally construe the
law, and petitions are presumptively, on
their face, valid .

Should those who, in good faith, signed and
witnessed these designating petitions be
denied the right to choose, in the September
Conservative Party Primary and November
2 General Election, who those voters want
to be their Representative in Congress?

I say, let the people decide!

The solution is simple.

Let all objectors withdraw their objections
and so stiplulate. This would leave the
Commissioners of the State Elections Board

to liberally construe the Election Law as
that law provides, on the presumption that
all the petitions, in question, are valid on
their face.

The voters of the 21st Congressional District
could then make the ultimate decision as
to which of the candidates will be their
Representative in Congress.

Since Danz, and his GOP handlers, have
created this dilemma, the ball is now in
their court. They bear the responsibility
for the outcome of this donnybrook.

As Sean Thornton ( John Wayne) and
Squire Danaher (Victor McLaughlin)
shared an adversarial pint in the pub in
the classic film "The Quiet Man";  Sean
Thornton  turned and asked a supporter
What time is it?..... before delivering the
knock out punch to the squire.

What time is it Squire Danz? Your call.

                                        Joe Sullivan

31 July 2010

Pass the word( forward this e mail post)
to 10 voters in the 21st CD, ask them to
forward it to 10 more who, in turn
forward it to 10 get the idea.

Thank you.

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