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Sunday, July 4, 2010


Today we celebrate our  Independence
from the tyranny of the English crown.

We honor the Founders of our Nation who
authored  the Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights and Constitution.

We honor those veterans who served in the
Revolutionary War, and all subsequent wars
that we might live in freedom.

We think of those Americans who serve in
Iraq, Afghanistan, and places around the
world, at sea, and in the air, safeguarding
America and each of us.

As we celebrate and remember, we must
also ponder what the future holds for
America and each of us.

Today, we face the tryanny of our own
government, at the federal, state and local

President Obama has clearly stated that
his agenda is to fundamentally (radically)
transform America.  Obamacare, failure
to secure our borders and ports, granting
amnesty to the tens of millions of illegal aliens
who have invaded our land, cap and trade
legislation, dismantling our economy
compromising our national security and defense
appeasing and bowing to our enemies, abandoning
the space program and missle defense systems,
reckless government spending, and eroding the
balance of power in the Congress and Supreme
Court, are all policies to achieve that fundamental
transformation of America.

Transforming America to what end?  Perhaps
President Obama's real objective is the
destruction of America?  If this be so, he shares
a common goal with the Islamic jihadists.

President Obama could not be realizing his
agenda without the support of the Democratic
majority in Congress. They march in lock step
with Obama.

These Senators and Representatives no longer
represent the will of the people.

President Obama and the Democratic majorities
in the Senate and House have become tyrants.

The 2010 elections are crucial to ending this
tyranny. The voters have the power to remove
the Democratic incumbents from office in both
the Senate and House.

If the voters fail to do this,  they will fail America
and themselves.

Here in New York, enrolled Democrats must
ask themselves, do they put blind party loyalty
above the future of America, and all Americans
themselves included?

We shall learn the answer on November 2nd.

                                           Joe Sullivan

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