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Thursday, July 22, 2010


Compare the campaign finance statements
of 2 of the 3 candidates for Representative
in Congress, 21st District:

Go to:

For Paul Tonko, click on the PAC link
to see details of the, more than, quarter
million dollars PAC money  Tonko has

With more than a half million dollars
of contributions in his kitty, is it safe
to conclude that Paul Tonko is the
best representative that the special
interests can buy?

Who is your Representative in Congress?

As for Ted Danz, the Republican
candidate - why isn't he satisfied to
make his case for election on that ballot

Why did Danzs' GOP handlers conspire
with Schenectady County Demoservatives
to file a Conservative Party petition for
T Danz. And more importantly, why did
State Conservative Chair Mike Long
issue a Wilson Pakula authorization for
T Danz, who is NOT an enrolled
Conservative Party member, to run in
the September 14 Conservative Primary
for Congress, 21st  District?

Ask Al D'Amato, former GOP US Senator
and now big time lobbyist, and Andrew
backer. Al may have the answer.

The  U S Constitution provides for a House
of Representatives made up of  Representatives
of the people, elected by the people, for the
people - NOT for members bought and owned
by the special interests.

In the September 14 Conservative Party
primary, enrolled Conservative voters in the
21st Congressional District can vote for a
an enrolled Conservative, who is a real
conservative, with clear stands on the issues
vital to the survival of America, and ALL
Americans (leftists included) or  Ted Danz
another fall guy, chosen by the political
power brokers who manipulate our electoral
process  for their own personal power and
monetary gain.

Assuming that Conservative Party members
are, for the most part, real Conservatives
and they bother to vote, the outcome of the
September 14 primary will afford all  21st
Congressional District voters, the chance
on November 2, to elect a Representative
who will represent them. A Representative
who puts America before for political party
and one who puts the survival of  all the
people before the self interests of the
special interests.

                                                Joe Sullivan

                                                Conservative for
                                                Congress CD21-NY

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