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Monday, July 26, 2010


Maureen Callahan's NY Post Op Ed
piece, Sunday, July 25  "Who can
capture the Tea Party vote?" provides
more evidence that points to the Tea
Party Movement in New York being
impotent because of a lack of leadership.

Despite all the rehetoric of those who
present themselves as the coordinators
facilitators, organizers and voices of
the Tea Party Movement,  the
Movement lacks the ability to translate
rhetoric into effective political action.

Reason? Those who profess to speak
for the Tea Party Movement lack the
leadership ability and wisdom of the
Founders of this Nation.

There would have been no Revolution
no Constitution and our present
Constitutional Republic without the
leadership of the Founders including
Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Madison
Patrick Henry and participation of a long
list of others right down to the ordinary
Patriots and footsoldiers of Washingtons'
army who walked the walk and fought
the fight.

Talk is cheap. Action gets the job done.

On July 12, this blog raised the
question: "Whither The Tea Party?
Political force or incapable of even
delivering a pizza?

Thus, far the Tea Party Movement
in New York has lacked the leadership
focus and ability to deliver in the
electoral process- in particular
qualifying candidates for the ballot
who put the survival of  America
and all Americans first and foremost.

The Independent Taxpayer Party of
Carl Paladino is the test of the effectiveness
or the ineffectiveness of the Tea Party
Movement in New York.

To be effective, the Tea Party
Movement must have it's own ballot
line and qualify like- minded candidates
for the November 2 ballot.

21 Days remain to get the necessary
valid signatures of registered New
York voters,  to qualify Tea Party
Movement candidates for the ballot. 

In the Capitol District this means
3,500 signatures for Representative
in Congress, 21st Congressional
District; 3,000 for a State Senate
District and 1,500 for a State
Assembly District.

Time for those Americans who
identify with the concept of the
Tea Party Movement and the
Second American Revolution
to reclaim our government
from the tyranny of those
incumbents who support the
Obama agenda of radically
transforming America, to rise
to positions of leadership and
to participate in the petitioning

Time to deliver or just shut up!

                            Joe Sullivan


Ben Potiker said...

Hello Joe,
I disagree with your assessment of the Tea Party movement. There are several freedom minded organizations active in the capital district. Some of them do wish to be generically labeled as Tea Party groups so I'll simply call them freedom minded groups. Each of the groups are actively working on their own projects. The amorphous nature of this movement is our strength.As the leader of one of the local groups I have already seen the fruits of our labor in some local elections last year. The Paladino race is an important race, but it is not the only race in this upcoming election cycle. The movement can already claim success for helping gather enough Republican signatures to force a primary with Rick Lazio. We are currently working on gathering enough signatures for Paladino to run on a third independent
line called the "Taxpayer" line. There is no one test or result that proves the effectiveness of our efforts. The Chris Gibson Campaign has already benefited from of the efforts of the Upstate Conservative Coalition. The Deb Bush campaign is more effective because of the efforts of the Homefront Patriots and the Sons of Liberty. The city of troy is a better place to live because of the relentless work of Kevin McCashion and the Sons of Liberty. We have added dozens and dozens of committeemen to local districts with the help of the organization Primary Challenge. To place an ultimatum of a third party ballot line as a gauge of our success is pointless. The creation of a valid third party is more of a long term goal. The movement has never been about party, but rather about ideals. We will for this election and other elections to come focus our efforts on candidates from either party who best reflect our principals and ideals. If neither party puts up a respectable candidate we will either put up a candidate of our own or help out other candidates in other races. It will continue to be a work in progress without a deadline.

Anonymous said...

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