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Friday, July 16, 2010


-to those who carried and signed my
Conservative Party designating petition
enabling me to qualify for the ballot.

- to Richie Stack and the Albany County
Conservative Party for endorsing and
supporting me. Richie, despite being
hobbled with a broken ankle, delivered.

- to other supporters who do not wish
to be named. I know who you are and
sincerely value your confidence and support.

- to the Founders of our Nation from
whom we have inherited our Constitution
and form of government,  which allows
humble citizens to step forward to serve
America and Americans in public office.

- to the Veterans For A Strong America
who have endorsed my campaign and to
all who have served, and continue to
serve,  in our Nation's military, so that
we may live in freedom.

I am thankful and proud to be an
American, to be a U S Navy veteran
to be an enrolled Conservative Party
member,  to be a true Conservative
and to have this opportunity to serve
you in this most crucial of elections
when the survival of America, and
all Americans, are on the line.

                                       Joe Sullivan

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