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Monday, September 6, 2010


The Times Union 2010 Voter Guide omits mention of
my Independent  Write in  candidacy for
Representative in Congress, 21st Congressional District NY.

As an alternative to incumbent Paul Tonko (D-I-WFP) and
Ted Danz (R-C) voters may
Write in (print) my name - Joe Sullivan

Why? Read my website:

Compare my many posts on issues vital to the survival of
America, and all Americans, with what appears on the websites
of Tonko and Danz.

Also, read my responses to the questions posed to Tonko and
Danz. Compare my responses to theirs.

Decide for yourselves. Cast informed votes, November 2.

Note: My website postings and responses to the TU questions
are my own words not those of staffers or consultants.

My biographical information appears on Lonerangeralbany.


Q1 What, if any elements of the recently enacted health care
reform package need to be re-addressed?

A. Obamacare is bad medicine.
    The next Congress must repeal Obamacare.

Q2 Do you support the current White House strategy in Afghanistan
 including the conditional plan to begin drawing down U. S. troops
 next summer?

You mean Obama strategy. NO.

Putting our troops in harms way, restricting them with politically
correct rules of engagement, and setting a specific timetable
to cut and run?
At the same time, failing to secure our national borders and
ports and seeking to grant amnesty to the tens of millions of
illegal aliens who have invaded our land?

The Obama strategy, if left to play out will result in the
demise of America.


Q3 What is the primary environmental threat to the nation
and how would  you address it?

Nuclear war is the primary environmental threat to our
nation and the world.

Pakistan is an unstable nation containing nuclear weapons
harboring Islamic radicals. Iran is a radical Islamic nation 
developing it's nuclear weapon/missile capabilities while
repeatedly declaring it's aim to destroy Israel and America.

The U S must not unilaterally disarm nor bow down to those
who seek to destroy us and our way of life.

The U S must convince China, Russia, India, and other
nations, large and small , around the world, that our mutual
survival depends on halting the proliferation of nuclear weapons
stabilizing unstable countries where nuclear weapons now exist
 - taking joint  action to accomplish this goal and to safeguard
the development  and flow of oil, natural gas, water and other
vital natural resources.

There will be no winners in a nuclear war.


Q4 Over the past two year, Congress and the White House
have borrowed money in an attempt to stimulate the economy.
Do you agree or disagree with this policy?

Disagree. Congress has become a compliant partner to an
out of control President who is destroying our economy.

Congress has passed no budget this year. How long would
 ordinary citizens survive without household budgets?

Uncontrolled spending and a spiraling debt will lead to
economic collapse.

Q5 Do you support repeal of the military's don't ask , don't
tell policy and if so when?

No. Never. Just shut up. One's sexual orientation is a
personal matter.
Q6 In your opinion, what has been President Barack Obama's
most significant accomplishment since taking office?

Making major strides in his agenda to fundamentally
(radically) transform America, circumventing the Constitution
with the assist of a compliant, whipped Congress and
a like minded media .


Q7 What has been the President's most significant failure?

Barack Hussain Obama  has divided and polarized our nation
bringing  us to the brink of political, economic and social disaster.

                                                 Joe Sullivan

                                                 Independent Write in Candidate
                                                 for Representative in Congress
                                                 21st CD NY

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