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Sunday, September 26, 2010


See TU page D4, Sunday 9/26/10
for photo of ribbon cutting. Infidel
congressman cutting ribbon, with
infidel state senator and state
assembly members, all smiles, at
his side.

Infidels, all Democrats, all incumbents,
including a bishop, congressman, state
senator and state assembly member, all
take center stage at the opening of a
Muslim community center in Colonie.

The Bishop says he supports the building
of a controversial mosque in the shadow
of ground zero, lower Manhattan and
condemns all acts of racism and religious
bigotry, but omits condemnation of jihad
the 9-11 attacks and the numerous calls
of "death to America" that come from
those who profess to follow Islam around
the world.

No lament for the RC parishes, and
schools, which he closed in Troy, Cohoes
Watervliet, Green Island, Rennselaer
Albany and elsewhere ,in the 13 county
Albany Diocese.

The Imam decried the "rise of Islamic
phobia in the nation" but held out hope
for an end to discrimination, intolerance
and ignorance, but offered no condemnation
of  jihad and terrorism perpetrated by
terrorists, in the name of Islam, around
the world. No condemnation of the 9-11
terror attacks on America, and those that
are being planned by the numerous cells
of terrorists operating in the U S, Canada
and Western Europe.

Were any American flags on display
at the new center? Was the pledge of
allegiance recited? Were any invocations
delivered? Any Rosary beads or crucifixes
anywhere to be seen? The Sign of the Cross

In sum, the American people can not be
faulted for the distrust they exhibit in their
Bishop, politicians, Muslims who have come
to America, and the media.

We are tired of being conned and want
our country and government back from
those who seek to rule every aspect of
our lives, be they infidel clergy, politicians
media or Muslims.

We will never embrace Islam as long as
violence is perpetrated in the name of
Islam, here, or anywhere else in the

Islam is simply not compatible with the
U S Constitution and our culture.

                                      Joe Sullivan

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